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  Half Price Locksmith of Las Vegas 702-655-1505

 All Our Las Vegas Locksmiths Carry A Las Vegas Locksmith
I.D. Issued By The Police Department.

Locksmith in Las Vegas not always a Las Vegas locksmith ''we are''. Use local locksmith Las Vegas SVC

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Half Price Locksmith Of Las Vegas is an S&S Locksmith Las Vegas Company the most trusted Las Vegas locksmith company in the business today. We are locally owned and operated. License type L005 Locksmith and our main NLV License #87312 & #87482

2014 Locksmith Las Vegas Grand Service Provider Award 
    We are the only locksmith Las Vegas company to receive the Grand Service Provider Award.
see link for all 2014 Grand Service Provider Award results. www.locallasvegasbusinessdirectory.com/lasvegasawardcompanies

  At Half Price Locksmith of Las Vegas, we didn't invent locksmith service, We just perfected it. Our friendly
and informative Las Vegas staff is dedicated to providing you with cutting edge locksmith services and the knowledge you need to create and maintain a safe and secure home or office. No corporately owned chain store can compete with our fundamental desire to provide unparalleled locksmith service to our community.
  Commitment to the ideals that Half Price Locksmith of Las Vegas was founded on is that everyone we serve is a person who lives in our Las Vegas community and should be treated as our neighbor.

   At Half Price Locksmith of Las Vegas w
e have a policy that every customer must be 100% satisfied before our locksmith can leave the job site.
    Half Price Locksmith of Las Vegas is one of the few locksmith companies that does not pay any commission to our locksmiths so we know that our customers are never in any kind of pressure, we let you know all the options you just tell us what's best for you.

''You'll Get The Best Las Vegas Locksmith Service, Henderson Locksmith Service and North Las Vegas Locksmith Service With Half Price Locksmith Every Time''.

''Locksmith Las Vegas mobile service at it's best, we are proud of the locksmith service we deliver to the Las Vegas community every single day''.  

                            BY THE RHINO LOCKSMITH PROGRAM 
     Call us Anytime For Las Vegas Locksmith, Henderson NV Locksmith and North Las Vegas Locksmith Service

Why use Half Price Locksmith of Las Vegas Services?

1. All our locksmiths have a locksmith I.D. from the police department as well as an extensive background check (all locksmiths must have legal locksmith I.D.)
2. All our locksmiths come to you in our marked Locksmith van, not some unmarked car (all Las Vegas locksmiths vehicles must be marked legally).
3. Half Price Locksmith of Las Vegas is a locally family owned and operated company, not some company who operates out of another state. ''we don't just do business here, we live here''. We live in Las Vegas since 1979 (be aware that most Las Vegas locksmith companies are not legally operating in this state).
4. Half Price Locksmith of Las Vegas has never had a single complaint from any division.
5. Half Price Locksmith of Las Vegas always has specials like - REKEY your home or office for as little as $69.99.
6. All our workers must be drug free, no exceptions.
7. All our locksmiths must have more than five years experience.
8. We are the only Las Vegas locksmith company that has been approved for the SUPERSMITH program.
9. All our vans are fully equipped with just about any type of lock your home or business might need.  
Every customer must be 100% satisfied before our locksmiths can leave the job site.

Our locksmith Las Vegas service is like no other. Any locksmith that works for Half Price Locksmith of Las Vegas must show to have the perfect customer service skills as well as the knowledge of a true educated locksmith. The service manager of Half Price Locksmith of Las Vegas has been doing business in Las Vegas since 1988. And has a track record of doing what it takes to bring customer service to perfection. As you already know Half Price Locksmith of Las Vegas is the only Las Vegas locksmith to be awarded by Diamond Pages Business Directory the best Las Vegas locksmith in the valley. All this has been achieved as we don't just hire everyone that applies for a job in fact it's safe to say that over 90% of locksmiths are turned down do to our high qualifying requirements. If you ever had one of our Las Vegas locksmiths serve you, you will know why we have such high repeat customer business. Our company pride is second to none. 


All rental properties must be rekeyed by a legal Las Vegas locksmith company between tenants moving in and out. This is to secure the new tenant of any old tenant having an existing access. More on tenants rights  portal.hud.gov/nevada/lasvegas/tenant 

 We don't just live in Las Vegas, we love Las Vegas. Local locksmith Las Vegas service.
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Las Vegas Locksmith security tip #1
Make sure your deadbolts are bump-key and pick resistant. 

Las Vegas Locksmith security tip #2
Make sure your deadbolts are made of tough still.

Las Vegas Locksmith security tip #3

Make sure to cut the red cord in your garage, as thieves use it to get into your garage from the outside.

Las Vegas Locksmith security tip #4
Make sure you have a no soliciting sign on your front door.

Las Vegas Locksmith security tip #5
Make sure to put a stick in any sliding door in the house. Thieves generally do not break sliding door windows but they will manipulate the sliding door.

Las Vegas Locksmith security tip #6
Make sure all security gates have double sided deadbolts. Otherwise most security gates will not protect you very much.

Las Vegas Locksmith security tip #7
Make sure to always park in the garage if possible. Don't show you habits.

Las Vegas Locksmith security tip #8
Make sure you have a timer on the lights in front of the house.

Las Vegas Locksmith security tip #9
Make sure to never tell people your going on vacation if they don't need to know.

Las Vegas Locksmith security tip #10
Make sure to put a lock on the gate that goes to your backyard.

How to fight bad Locksmith Las Vegas contractors  
The Better Business Bureau +  -  Las Vegas Contractors Board  -  House logic +

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Why do we believe we are the only true locksmith Las Vegas service company

Locksmith definition ; A person who makes and repairs locks.
Half price Locksmith Las Vegas (S&S Locksmith) is the only Las Vegas Locksmith
company that make and build locks as well as do lock repairs. 
Lock device information link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lock

Las Vegas BBB has given a Locksmith warning - Click the link

National locksmith company causes problems in Las Vegas too. 
Here is a link showing why you should always use a local Las Vegas locksmith 

Mid-South warnes of Locksmith scam; click here for link

Locksmith is hard work; www.npr.com/locksmiths  
Is the Cyberspace locksmith secure? Article 
Consumer report on locksmiths www.consumerreports.org 
Locksmith bait and switch popping up again in Las Vegas www.mynews3.com
Is There a different rekey systems my Las Vegas locksmith can offer? <Answer link> 

Locksmith Las Vegas search info. www.ftc.gov/locksmith 

I TEAM explaining why use Las Vegas Locksmith companies that have
registered licensed locksmiths with locksmith work cards - see link

               Las Vegas Metro Area Police Department Links 
LVMPD.com   NorthLasVegasPoliceDeot.com   HendersonPD.com

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