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Can a deadbolt lock be rekeyed in a way that would make it better security than how it was sold originally by the factory? 

The answer is yes. All our Las Vegas locksmiths have gone through the Rhino locksmith high security program and can offer high security rekey on just about any lock your home may have making your Las Vegas home much safer from picking as well as the use of a bump key on your existing deadbolts. 

Why is it so important to hire a licensed Locksmith in Las Vegas?
The laws in Las Vegas where put in place to protect the consumer. And when you hire a licensed Locksmith Las Vegas service provider the locksmiths will have locksmith ID issued by the police department showing you that not only is the person at your door step licensed but that they have been through a background check allowing them to be in the field of security. The idea is to eliminate people with criminal background from serving in the field that is most precious to us (our safety and security). So please use a locksmith that has a locksmith ID or send them away.

If You Open My Car Without The Key Will My Car Be Damaged?

  We specialize in not damaging cars by the techniques and tools we use to open them.
It's why we got into this business, to help and prevent hassles and damages .
Many locksmiths use slim jims or other unsafe tools. At Halfprice Locksmith of Las Vegas we use internally designed tools and techniques to make sure no damage is done to your vehicle.

Becoming a Locksmith Gives Entry To a New World Of Success.

Becoming a locksmith is one of the best decisions most locksmiths have done in their life time. At least that what most of us as a Locksmiths in Las Vegas will tell you. It's a job with integrity and ethics as well as past personality pay off. You see in Las Vegas you cannot become a locksmith unless you have a clean background, so your past is 100% a factor whether or not you can get a Las Vegas locksmith ID. Another factor that makes this job great is freedom - As a locksmith you drive allover the place no boss hanging over you and you eat out everyday. 
And lets not forget the pay. Most locksmiths make over 40k a year only to own their own locksmith business after five years in the field - in most cases that I seen. It seems that becoming a locksmith in Las Vegas you make the most amount of money for the amount of time you go to school for. As most locksmith programs are only six months or so.
 - For more locksmith Las Vegas information see our homepage -  

What's the best way to find a good locksmith in Las Vegas?

The first thing that you have to think about is 
what methods of finding a locksmith are you using. In most cases your probably using a smartphone or a laptop. And if so you should be very wary of using a company that has an 800 phone number. I would also say watch-out for ads as a lot of the companies under the ads are not local companies and pay a heavy price for being under those ads. In some cases over $25 per click and who do you think pays for that, the customer for sure. Now if your using the good old phonebook to find your Las Vegas locksmith check the ad for a license number as some states require licensed locksmith to have their credentials on all ads. You can also go to business license centers online to check them out. I personally don't go by rating as rating can be manipulated, so use your instinct and when you call a company and your light goes red just call another company. 
Should I serch on the net for a locksmith in Las Vegas? <link> 

Does Picking The Lock On My House Damage The Lock?

  No damage occurs while picking a lock. Sometimes a lock cannot be picked and so it has to be drilled out, removed and replaced. In this instance the lock is damaged which is why it needs to be replaced. We at Halfprice Locksmith of Las Vegas have a high percentage history of picking locks successfully and the lock is not damaged and does not need to be replaced.

Can A Locksmith Be Trusted?

Absolutely, if the locksmith company that you decided to use has locksmiths that have a locksmith I.D. issued by the police department and has taken the time to make sure that all their employees have a very clean background check as well as good character behavior.

Do Locksmiths in Las Vegas have a license requirement? 

The answer is no from a school point. However the LAW does require all Las Vegas locksmiths to have a locksmith identification from the police department. From a job point most locksmiths learned the trade on the job so you better hire a Las Vegas locksmith that has been doing it for a while

How can I make my commercial locks better?  

Commercial locks can be even more vulnerable to break-ins than residential locks in more than one way. It's very important that your commercial lock has a guard ring around it. Otherwise all a thief would need is pliers to get the lock open in no time, as commercial locks in most cases are just screwed on from the outside of the door and held in place by a small tiny screw ''Just ask any Las Vegas locksmith''. The other thing to think about is unlike your home the door is glass and can be viewed from the outside so make sure if code allows to have a locksmith install a double sided lock this way the thief would not be able to break the glass and turn the lock from the inside. For more tips please call our locksmith company and ask for our local Las Vegas locksmiths to help you make your business safer.

Can A High Security Deadbolts Stop The Bad Guys?

Yes, about 80% of break ins in Las Vegas come from the front door. So, if you choose a deadbolt that's unpick-able and unbump-able you have a great chance of avoiding most types of break ins.
It's also important that the strike plate that the deadbolt goes into is reinforced to stop most kick-ins as well.

How can I become a Locksmith in Las Vegas and what should I expect to make? 

 a locksmith usually requires a schooling of 6 to 12 months depending on the school you signed up for. You should also know that the field is where your going to learn the most. Most Las Vegas locksmiths will tell you that after three years of field work your knowledge is much better but you should go to a locksmith school before hitting the field or you'll never have the base you need to build from an order to be a great Las Vegas locksmith. Here is a link to help you with more career info locksmithcareerlink  Most Locksmith Las Vegas employees make between 34K to 68K here is a link on Las Vegas locksmith salary info www1.salary.com/NV/LocksmithLasVegas

How Do I Choose A Deadbolt That's Good For Me?

No matter where you buy your high security deadbolts in Las Vegas make sure you have at least three different options. Make sure a professional explains to you the difference between all of them as it could be a huge difference. Remember an alarm can only tell you that you had a break in, but a high security deadbolt can stop most break ins before they even happen.
 As a rule in the locksmith business, high security deadbolts starts at $95.00. It should be a deadbolt lock that meets your everyday requirements.
Some deadbolts have key control, some deadbolts have keys that can only be duplicated with a security card. But what ever you choose make sure it's safe enough for you and your family.
Remember you only need to buy deadbolts once every twenty years or so ''make it a good one''

Can one Las Vegas locksmith rekey better than another locksmith?

Yes, if the locksmith Las Vegas service provider does not have all the proper tools here's what can happen. When getting your locks rekeyed sometimes not just the bottom pins have to be changed but the top pins as well and if the locksmith your using to rekey does not have the proper tools to remove the top pins what we have seen these poor guided locksmiths doing is just throw away the pins in the chamber completely away, causing the lock to become extremely easy to be picked or bumped.
Just incase there's a locksmith out there reading this, the reason your top pins must be moved and replaced is that when a builder sells a house most of the locks on the homes have multiple top pins allowing them access with a master key system meaning there's a single key that opens the whole neighborhood.

How much should a car lockout cost me?

Car lockouts in Las Vegas should cost between $55 to $85 depending on what type of car you have to what time of the day you called. The one thing you should always know is that if the dispatcher tells you a price that is not for sure (example; if the dispatcher tells you it will cost you $65 and up ) than you called the wrong Las Vegas locksmith company.
At Halfprice Locksmith of Las Vegas we have done lockouts for years and we know exactly how much it will cost you to open your car before we even go your way. Don't get caught in a scam.

What is The Superguarantee?

The Superguarantee is the guarantee you get from Superpages.com that if you use a company like our Locksmith company they will stand behind our work, they guarantee it. You can watch the commercial below.


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With Google changing it's ways of doing searches on the web it seems that so many locksmith Las Vegas service providers are scramming for other ways to make money. And one of those ways seems to be going to the garage door repair industry but be aware that in Las Vegas garage door companies need to be licensed by the Nevada Contractor Board. And unlike the requirements of the Las Vegas locksmith industry where locksmiths need to be licensed and approved by the police department for a locksmith I.D. and the city council. The garage door service industry does not. So just know that just because a company is licensed to do business in one industry does not mean it's licensed for the other. Check out the links for licensing look-up.  
Nevada Contractors Board - City of Las Vegas - City of North Las Vegas - Clark  County License 

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Locksmiths in Las Vegas are not always Las Vegas locksmiths  ;article 1, May 4th, 2013.

 As the Las Vegas market grows and flourishes so do the problems with hiring a great company who truly wants to provide great service like our company.
Our Family has lived in the Las Vegas metro area since the 70's. Of course we want to do business but we want to do business in a good and customer friendly atmosphere.
There are an unbelievable number of illegal locksmiths in Las Vegas who operate with no license from any city in our metro area. Many of them place ads in offensive pages with phone numbers that connect to national call centers. The addresses they use in their ads either don't turn out or belong to bummed out buildings. Operating under a business name other than the one which they should be licensed under and sometimes even using legit companies name pretending to be a company they clearly are not.
The one thing that we always tell our customers is to always ask to see a locksmith I.D. by the locksmith who shows up before you even let them into your home or business.
This is the only way you will know that the person you let into you home or office was cleared to act as a locksmith in our valley. 

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What is the best way to become a Las Vegas Locksmith? ;article 8 February 15th 2017.

In most cases it seems like people will look for locksmiths schools, but keep in mind they're not cheap. Most locksmith programs can cost around $6500 to $9500 and that will cover most of what you would need except car keys. As most schools will offer a separate program for cars keys. 
But if your lucky enough to find a Las Vegas locksmith shop that will take you on as an apprentice not only will you learn for free but your experience will be much greater than any school you can go to. It's always better to learn a trade with hands on as schooling is not quit the same as the real world. You will also make more money as soon as the boss will feel that you can go out on your own allowing the business to function better and faster. And the one thing you'll learn in the field of locksmith speed is the winner every time. And in Las Vegas locksmiths stay busy all year round and as a growing city with thousands of people moving in every month locksmith work is always behind.
Either way the Las Vegas locksmith industry is one of the highest paying jobs for the time it takes to learn it.  -The average locksmith will make over $46K as a full time employee- 

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Can I Trust A Locksmith In Las Vegas?  ;article 2, May 7th, 2013

  As trust is not an easy thing to just hand out but at the same time we need to get things done, so we do get them done but we get them done with caution. Sometimes we make a good judgment call by having better information or feeling someone out. Sometime we just need to know what we don't know in that particular field.  
 So here is some information that most unprofessional locksmiths don't want you to know.
Most legal Las Vegas locksmiths make over $50k a year. To be a good locksmith you must have at least five year experience in the Las Vegas field after you had training. All legal locksmiths with Las Vegas locksmiths I.D's should not have any felonies or even g
ross-misdemeanor and there for if they don't have a Las Vegas Locksmith I.D. they have no business working on your property for any reason.  
   Another way to know if a locksmith is a professional is to look at their tool bag, A good locksmith makes over $50K a year and should have no problem buying all the right tools
for their job.
For example, if a locksmith has a drill that is not top notch like DeWalt, Makita or Ridgid (18volt) and so on. I would immediately know their not a professional locksmith.
As locksmiths have to cut everything from heavy wood to thick medal and would never get caught up in a job they couldn't finish or do right.

 You would be surprised how many times we had a person apply for a locksmith position with us and even go as far as to tell us they've been a locksmith in Las Vegas for over ten years only to find out they never had the proper tools to be a locksmith in the first place.

           So, it's ok to trust a locksmith in Las Vegas just make it the right one....

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 Locksmith Las Vegas safety and security  ;article 3, May 25th, 2013

Do you live in the Las Vegas metro area?  How safe are the locks on your doors?
It is challenging to be secured in the Las Vegas metro area. Many people take for granted the security that locks provide. Whether it’s your home, business, or vehicle; security against theft of your belongings and protecting your loved ones is a necessity in this day and age. Especially in a busy metropolitan area like Las Vegas.
 It’s essential to have a top-notch security system put in place. As the saying goes, “it’s better to be safe than sorry.” First and foremost, we suggest that you contact a trusted local Las Vegas locksmith service provider to ensure that your security system is keeping you, your loved ones, and your most valuable possessions safe. As most people are not aware that over 70% of break ins come right through the front door, yes the front door. And sometimes it even looks like they didn't even have to force their way in. But a well trained Las Vegas locksmith will be able to evaluate your current security system and assess any weaknesses in your locks.
 Locksmiths are trained to come to your rescue 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; because they know your security is something that just can’t wait. They will also surely tell you that a proper lock system is the best preventative way to ensure safety.
 Also, many people may be surprised to learn that a locksmith’s job is to not only to open locks, but also to install them, fix them, rekey them and even repair after a break in has occurred.

 Be sure to work with a trustworthy company like Halfprice Locksmith of Las Vegas who employs only well trained and well respected locksmiths whom you can rely on.
At Halfprice Locksmith of Las Vegas we recommend building a relationship with a trusted locksmith so you know who to be expecting when you do need locksmith services, and you'll know who to count on.

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What does it take to be a Las Vegas Locksmith? ;article 4, June 1st, 2013

 A true professional locksmith in general is a very hard and complicated job. Locksmiths must be aware of what kind of situation that a client is in and make a good call. Sometimes you even need to make a call that is not what a possible client wants to hear. For example; if a client wants you to unlock a home that he has no proof that is his or hers you have to go on what is known as a judgment call. And that can get very upsetting to people, however you must make a call and stick to it.

But in Las Vegas it's even harder than most places and here's why. In Las Vegas a big portion of the houses are rentals and there for it's impossible to go to public records and look up who owns the property. A Las Vegas locksmith is also a locksmith who is truly a 24 hour locksmith, not like most cities who is called upon once in a great blue moon to do a job at 2am. In Las Vegas about twenty-five percent of the population work for the hotels who happen to be a true 24 hour business. A Las Vegas Locksmith company should expect an average of 100 to 150 calls a month for jobs between midnight to 6am and they better be ready to move and move quickly as customers are in need of good quick locksmith service. We also need to stress out that Las Vegas is all about service and if you expect your customers to use you again you better have a great Locksmith Las Vegas service who's on top of your game and that goes for all your employees. Las Vegas is a city like no other and people expect to get extremely good service no matter what area of service they are in need of. 

So the answer to the question is, it takes a lot of work and patience to be a Las Vegas locksmith

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Las Vegas Locksmith; article 5 August 29th, 2013
As the Las Vegas metro area grows so does the crime rate and the likeliness of having a break in. We have all heard people say locks are to keep the honest people honest, but in reality every locksmith in Las Vegas will tell you that's just not true. Honest people are just honest, but thieves are not and they don't just want to get away with your hard earned property they also want to make it easy for them to do so. All you have to do is ask any Las Vegas locksmith professional and they will tell you that over 90% of break ins are done by three different ways. ONE, is by a simple method known as lock bumping witch is the easiest of them all. All you have to do is put a special cut key in the lock and tap it at the other end of it and wham the lock is open. TWO, is by lock picking and this is by a professional thief who probably has a lot of experience as a burglar. THREE, is by kicking the door open and this is usually done by what we call opportunists. 
But guess what all three of these break-in types can be avoided by calling a great locksmith Las Vegas company a head of time. 
We hear at Halfprice locksmith of Las Vegas offer locks at a great discount that are not only bump-key resistant but are also pick resistant. And when these locks are installed by a Las Vegas locksmith professional like us we also make sure to reinforce the strike plate to the beam inside the wall to make it very difficult to kick in your door. So the next time someone tells you locks are to keep the honest people honest you'll be able to educate them with better knowledge.

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Las Vegas locksmith; Article 6 December 6, 2014 

You need to get your Las Vegas home rekeyed but your not sure what you need. Your locks look brand new and you just want to make sure no one has your key but than you saw the news five report (Fox5 News) showing that there's a key thieves have been using called the bump-key allowing access to just about every deadbolt. Of course this is something that bothers you as your number one concern is your family. Well there's two ways to solve this problem. One, you can just have a Las Vegas locksmith come over and replace all your deadbolts to high security deadbolts and that will be the end of that. There's no doubt that this could get very expensive and your spouse is wondering where are you going to get the money to do this. Or two, You could call Half Price Locksmith Las Vegas and get the all new high security re-key system that will just about eliminate anyone from picking or bumping your locks open. 
This rekey is a little more costly but hundreds of dollars less than buying new locks for your Las Vegas home. (locks must be in great shape to get a high security rekey). 

Note. Most (or none ) Locksmith Las Vegas services do not offer the same high security rekey as Half Price Locksmith of Las Vegas.  

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What do I need to do to secure my home better; Article 7 November 20, 2015

Ask any locksmith you'll ever meet and they'll tell you that Las Vegas has an unbelievable amount of break-ins. In fact because I am a locksmith myself it probably makes me go overboard on my personal security on a day to day basis. The way to beat the burglars is not simple, you have to think an a different way. Look at your home from the street and understand that your neighborhood is a victim but now you have to play the satistical game and ask yourself is my home the hardest or the easiest one of them all? How many people have a security system on their homes on your street, and if you don't you better get one if you want your home to be safe. The last thing you want is to be the one that's next to homes that have an alarm but your does not ''VERY BAD IDEA''. The next thing is ask a locksmith if your locks are up to the task of keeping your home safe. One of the most unintelligent things that we hear as locksmiths is ''if they want in they'll get in''. Lets keep in mind that most of us do not have a Pablo Picasso or a Mona Lisa painting in our house and there for we are not that important as most burglaries happen by thieves that are opportunists. And there for you don't want your locks to either be easy to pick or even worse and not be BUMP-KEY resistant. As a locksmith in Las Vegas I can't tell you how many times people are baffled by how someone has gotten in their home without any signs of a break-in. The third thing in line for your home security is gates and security tint. Security gates could be your first line of defese and could stop a burgler before they even start. But make sure a locksmith puts a worthy lock preferably a heavy duty deadbolt that can withstand most thieves. As far as windows goes you should always notice what windows are more likely to be broken by burglars. One of the best example is when a window is next to a door it's certainly more vulnerable to a break in. In a case where a window is more likely to be targeted you could always get a tint company to put security tint making it really difficult to gain access. Now keep in mind it will not stop the window from cracking but it will be alot harder to gain access. If your not sure about your homes vulnerability you could always hire our Las Vegas locksmith company to come out an do an assessment of security.

  ''Don't be the most uncomplicated home on your street'' 

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